A Hat with a Statement:


My Hat is in memory of and for awareness of Africa’s dwindling wildlife killed for tusks, horns, skins and other game trophies.


The Green Felt represents all the game parks, land and savannahs in Africa.

The Leopard skin print fabric represents the wildlife including elephants, rhino and big cats.

The Lining represents the environment, the trees and plants that are disappearing due to cattle grazing, new townships, roads and highways.

The Brown headband and binding represents poachers and trophy hunters.

The feathers represent poisonous arrows, spears and machetes the poachers use for killing and the cutting out of tusks and horns.

The Matbronze bullet pendant represents the fight against poaching.

The Matbronze paw pendant represents wanting to see the animals tracks for eternity.

The Porcupine quills represent the ivory and horns.


A percentage of proceeds from these hats will go towards helping the Elephants!


Please note: No animals were killed to make these hats.


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